TRON offers a free global entertainment system that uses blockchain technology. It allows the creator to store, publish freely, and own their data. Tron aims to allow the users to create content, website, and applications without having to depend on centralized services and without having to surrender the control of their data. In today’s world, global giants like Google and Facebook who share the data and profit, giving power to the creator to own their data is a big thing.

Tron is an ambitious initiative which has lined up many milestones in the future years to come. Currently, the offering is called Exodus, which is a free platform for peer to peer distribution and storage of content.

The next phase is Odyssey, which will involve monetary incentives to promote the hosting and creation on the platform. The other two phases are Great Voyage and Apollo, which allow the creators to build their brands and get the ability to issue individual initial coin offerings. Tron also offers two further stages called Star Trek and Eternity, where participants will create their own decentralized gaming and will be able to raise funds.

TRX Statistics
CoinPriceMarketcapVolume (24h)SupplyChangeLast 24h
$ 0.023249$ 1.67 B$ 913.54 M71.66 B15.20%